Automatic CNC production monitoring

All your CNCs, PLCs and other machines in one MES system.

No electrical modifications or modules for popular CNCs and PLCs.

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Why Scout?

Affordable production control

Scout allows production monitoring for company of any size.
This is also the best way to improve production efficiency.

Many supported machines

For the most popular machines no electrical interference or modifications are needed.
Data directly from the CNC/PLC controller.

Get started in minutes

Start using Scout in a matter of minutes.
You can start the free trial all by yourself or we can help you with that.

Main Scout features

Machines monitoring

Machines monitoring

Production monitoring of all machines in real time. Without electrical interference.

Machine jobs analytics

Machine jobs analytics

Simple and clear reports let you immediately know the real production efficiency.

Default operator panel

Operator panel

Better production control by automatically combining data from machines and workers.

100% remote setup,
free trial

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What our clients say

Scout is being used in many industries:

Industry 4.0 for SMEs

Automation, processing and exchange of data is the domain of Industry 4.0, which is usually associated with lengthy and costly implementations in large companies.

It seems that the fourth industrial revolution bypasses small and medium enterprises (SMEs), but in the era of modern solutions it doesn’t have to be that way.

Scout is a Manufacturing Execution System that can be used by small and medium enterprises. Scout provides fast setup and cost effectiveness at the same time.

Some of the supported
controls and protocols

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