How Scout works

That's how Scout works:

  1. For CNC or PLC machines, Scout retrieves data over LAN, without electrical interference. Data is automatically acquired directly from the CNC controller or PLC, using dedicated protocols.

    Machines don’t need to have direct internet access.
    Signals from conventional machines are taken using the I/O module.

  2. Our special SCT software is installed on the computer or server acting as a gateway. It receives data from all machines and sends it to the server (via secure HTTPS protocol).
  3. The server has the Scout web application (+ databases) enabling easy and convenient access to machines statistics, reports, sending notifications, etc.
  4. Using a web browser (from a PC or a mobile device), the user can view data received from machines, statistics, reports, etc.
    There is no need to install special software on users’ devices or PCs. Web browser is all that is needed.

In most cases, to start condition monitoring of CNC machines using Scout, it is enough to connect the machines to a LAN and download the Scout Configuration Tool (SCT) to any PC or server in the same network.

This allows you to start your free trial in minutes, completely remotely.

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