Supported controllers and protocols

Scout will help you increase the productivity of various machines.

To do your job in the best and most efficient way, you use various types of machinery. Until now, you needed many different systems to monitor each machine conditions.

But not any more.

Now, you can just use ONE system to monitor all of your machines: controlled by the CNCs, PLCs or even machines without any controller (conventional machines).

Scout supports the most popular CNC systems, PLC and communication protocols.




PLC (ie. S7)

Conventional machines (without controller)

Do you have conventional machines, i.e. machines that are not controlled by a CNC or PLC controller?

No problem: we monitor their status (working / non-working etc.) by connecting a PLC (with appropriate modules and software) or by choosing the most suitable I/O module with ethernet connectivity.

For typical applications, we recommend Inveo modules that can be connected to Scout within 5 minutes using SCT.

Regardless of the solution chosen, the data is sent to the Scout server.

As a result, you can monitor virtually any of your machines in one place.

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