Scout is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for automatic monitoring of machine operation. Due to the fact that production information is downloaded directly from machines, it is possible to better manage and optimize production.

The user has access to data via a web browser from a computer or smartphone.

Scout can act as SaaS (in the cloud) or can be installed on the client’s server (on-premises).

We are constantly working on connecting new types of machines and controllers to the system.

Currently supported controllers include: Fanuc, Haas, Heindenhain, Boenigk Electronics, Mitsubishi and selected PLC controllers (S5 / S7). We can also implement support for popular protocols such as MQTT, MTConnect or OPC UA.

We monitor conventional machines using PLC controllers (with appropriate modules) or by choosing the “Ethernet I / O” modules most suitable for a given application.

For more information, see Supported systems and protocols.

If you want to start using Scout (regardless of the variant: cloud or on-premises), it’s easiest to start with a free 14-day period in the cloud.

Just set up an account and then download and install SCT.

For more information, see User Documentation.

This means that you do not have to deal with issues related to server maintenance, backup or software update on the Scout server. As part of the low subscription you get access to information received from the machines. You simply log in to the Scout website and use the system.

Similar services operate e.g. from Google (e.g. GMail, Google Docs).

Of course, Scout can also be installed on your server. Requirements for server infrastructure are described on the page Technical requirements.

At the beginning, however, we always suggest testing the system in the cloud, so you won’t incur any costs.

SCT, or Scout Configuration Tool, is our proposal for the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0).

SCT is a group of specially prepared applications that download data from machines (CNC) and then send this data to the Scout server. SCT makes it very easy to add new machines to monitor, requiring only providing their IP addresses on the local network.

For more information on SCT, see the SCT page and SCT Help.

Yes, data is sent to the server using the HTTPS protocol, which encrypts communication with the server using SSL / TLS.

No, machines do not need to have direct internet access.

It is enough that the computer (PC / server) on which the SCT is installed has internet access.

What’s more, SCT initiates communication with the server, so you don’t need to open any ports in the firewall on the computer with SCT.

No, neither Scout nor SCT sends any commands to the machines forcing the axis feed or turning the spindle on / off.

Scout’s role is to retrieve data from machines, not move machines.

That’s great! We like challenges.

As the authors of the Scout and SCT systems, we have all the necessary competencies to integrate further CNC / PLC systems.

Talk to us, we’ll be happy to talk about it.

Be sure to contact us. Together, we will analyze technical capabilities and provide your customers with a modern and convenient solution for monitoring the operation of machines.

Because we are the authors of the Scout system, we know it inside out and we can integrate it with any external system.

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