Scout can work in the cloud (as monthly SaaS or hourly SaaS) or can be installed on your server (on-premises).

Billing based on the number of monitored machines.

Any number of users, machines and parameters.


On your server

One-time installation fee.
Contact us to get the best deals.


Monthly SaaS

Constant, monthly fee. Prices per machine.

up to 2 machines: 49 euro/month
from 3 to 8 machines: 35 euro/month
from 9 machines: 32 euro/month

Hourly SaaS

Hourly fee for sending data to the cloud.

up to 2 machines: 0.12 euro/h
from 3 to 8 machines: 0.09 euro/h
from 9 machines: 0.08 euro/h

Sample calculation for monitoring 5 machines

Monthly SaaS in the cloud:
  • one-time installation fee: 0 zł (none)
  • monthly fee: 5 machines * 35 euro = 175 euro in total
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