Machines monitoring

Real-time automatic machines monitoring

Scout provides real-time machine data, which, in opposition to manual acquisition, has a number of advantages:

  • data is acquired automatically and programmatically, without electrical interference in the machine
  • data is available immediately
  • data is uncorrupted and taken directly from the machines

Scout allows machines monitoring and gives access to information otherwise unreachable, such as:

  • real work and idle time (for some controls, you can even get even more accurate machine time, i.e. the execution time G01, G02 / 03)
  • program path being executed
  • current speed
  • number of elements (for some controls)
  • feed speed
  • value from the speed potentiometer (override)

All this without the need for electrical interference in the machines. They just need to be connected to the company’s LAN.

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