About Scout

If you're using CNC, PLC or other machines, you need to know HOW they work.

Scout automatically provides you with information on whether machines are working as they should.

For the most popular CNC controllers, you’ll know it in 5 minutes.
All you need to do is:

  1. set up an account
  2. download our special software (SCT)
  3. enter the IP addresses of machines you want to supervise.

And that’s all! From this moment, the data will be sent via a secure protocol from machines to the server.

You have 14 days to test the functionality, without any obligations or incurring any costs on your part.

Never before has the MES system been so easily accessible to a production company of any size.

If your machines are not on the SCT list, let us know: we will check how we can connect them to the system.

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